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Virgin Plastic Granules with highest quality

We take pride in our extensive range of plastic raw materials, granules and other polymer products catering to a wide range of industries.

  • HDPE
  • LDPE


Polymer Products from top global manufacturers.

We offer an extensive range of plastic granules sourced from renowned manufacturers worldwide, providing a diverse selection of high-quality materials to meet your specific needs. (Imported raw materials)

  • Reliance Polymers
  • Haldia
  • GAIL India
  • OPaL India
  • Sabic
  • LyondellBasell
  • ExxonMobil
  • DuPont

Industries & Applications


Plastics are used in Automobile sector keeping in mind weight reduction, corrosion resistance properties, flexibility of design& the durability aspect. This makes automobiles more energy efficient.


The wires of electrical appliances have been coated with plastic to prevent the conduction of electricity to people, metallic items, or conductive materials. The flexibility of plastic is useful in bending the tight corners or through narrow spaces

Infrastructure & Construction

At a feverish speed, the use of plastic in the sector of construction and infrastructure in India has been increasing day by day.

Healthcare, Medicine & Hygiene

Doctors and nurses all around the world use a disposable mask which is made out of non-woven fabric, and Kandui supplies masterbatches for the medical purpose such as:

Consumer Products

We might not know but we use plastic daily in life. To increase the sale and usage of plastic, the products have been designed attractively with fascinating colors and structures just to entice the users. Every plastic product in our household has been colored using the masterbatches.


The business of agriculture requires and consumes a vast amount of plastic that applies to several purposes. The application of plastics in agriculture has a wide range that covers from value chain to the packaging of food.

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